Local Lead Generation Services, OR Local Marketing Services?

I have to be honest, I have always thought that Lead Gen is a better business model than pure local online marketing. Before you get upset with me, let me tell you what I mean… Think about this… If you sell SEO services, you are going to spend a large number of hours over the next month delivering that service to your client… If you sell SMS services, now you need to build your client’s SMS mailing list and handle the mailings to it… If you sell website design or mobile web design, you are going to have to work Continue reading

Cost Per Action (CPA) Basics

CPA Marketing is in a nutshell a different style of Affiliate Marketing. Most people are familiar with Affiliate Marketing, as a method by which we can deliver a prospect to a seller’s website, and if that prospect makes a purchase, then we can make an “affiliate commission” for delivering the buyer to the website. Cost-Per-Action Marketing is very similar to Affiliate Marketing, except the “action” required in order for us to be paid, will not always be defined as an actual purchase. CPA Marketing is rightfully defined by many to be a “pay for a lead” or “lead generation” program. Continue reading

Welcome to “Internet Marketing Guides”

Welcome to “Internet Marketing Guides”. Our primaries have been training people how to start and grow their businesses online for more than a decade. This website is a late-comer to our website properties, but it has been developed to give us a “central hub” from which to share our products with the general public. We will continue adding products to this website, as we are able to bring each of our products up-to-date.