The Lifeblood of Online Business — Simplified!!

Keyword research is the lifeblood of SEO, PPC advertising, and ranking press releases, blog posts, articles and YouTube video pages.

I just finished going over this 38-page PDF called, “Keywords Simplified 2.0“… Derek Thomas makes this important topic simple and easy to understand.

This is perhaps one of the BEST products I have seen that covers exactly what you need to do to get on top of the search engines… And, it is easier than you would think — a lot easier…

Who is this product for?

* Amazon affiliates? Proper keyword research ensures you find the best money-making product keywords.

* Adsense site builders? Proper keyword research will turn penny clicks into dollar clicks every time.

* Affiliate marketers? Proper keyword research is the only way to set yourself apart and get in front of your audience to actually make a sale.

* Product creators? Proper keyword research will give you more content ideas than you’ll know what to do with, plus it will ensure you have a hungry crowd to sell to BEFORE you potentially waste time creating a product no one wants or needs.

* Offline marketers? Proper keyword research is critical here too, and this skill could even be one of the most profitable tools in your offline toolkit.

There is a Keyword Research Software Tool included in this package, but more important is the Keyword Research Training Guide that is included as the main portion of this product.

Check it out… You will be glad you did…

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Bill Platt