10 Powerful Secrets You MUST Know To Multiply Your Kindle Book Sales

I picked up a copy of “Kindle Profit Multipliers” on March 30th, 2013, and this is my review of that product.
Kindle Profit Multipliers” shares ten “secrets” to improving your Kindle books sales, in a 44-page PDF.
The author SKIPS the basics that most every other vendor on the planet has already covered in-depth:
* Picking a profitable topic;
* Book research;
* Market research;
* Formatting your book;
* Setting up a KDP Free Account;
* Uploading to Kindle.
Instead, the author of this product focuses on the ten steps/secrets to selling more books, with a focus on selling books in a series or similar topic:
* Picking the Right Sub-Categories in Amazon;
* Getting Into The Minds of Your Target Audience;
* Choosing a Pen Name;
* Creating Book Groups for Cross-Promotion;
* Building Your Brand for your Author Name and Books;
* Creating Great Book Covers;
* Setting Up a Book Launch List;
* KDP Select;
* Getting Reviews;
* How To Launch Your Book Group/Series…
I don’t want to diminish this report, by telling you that most of us have read these topics before…
Even though we have probably already read something about all of the “secrets” covered in this report, the material is solid and goes into detail that you may have not seen before now.
Now, you know I am an advanced book marketer, but for me, the best part of this product was the section on “Building Your Brand“.
At its current price of $13.15, this product is a good investment of your money, whether you are a newbie who is worried about marketing your books long-term, or a seasoned-pro who is looking to strengthen his/her book marketing in the short-term.
As best I can tell, this is the first product released to other marketers from Dmitrij Motley. And given his effort on this product, he is clearly someone I will be watching closely in the future.
Bill Platt