A Proven Marketing Strategy For Local Offline Marketers

When I first got started making money as an online business owner, I primarily offered article writing and syndication services to my clients.

During the course of offering that service, I was often asked by my clients how we could use article marketing to promote my client’s specific business.

One particular strategy I used with my own business and with my clients was the “Teach Them How To Do It Approach.”

In essence, within the article, we showed someone how to do something for themselves. We taught them the do-it-yourself approach within the article.

Then at the end of the article, we said something to the effect of, “If this seems too difficult, or you just don’t have the time to do this for yourself, we can help. We are willing to do for you for a fee, what we just taught you to do for yourself.” Then we would offer a link to our website, where readers could figure out if they wanted to hire myself or my client to do the job for them.

It is a very effective approach to marketing your business online and offline…

“Teach Them How To Do It Themselves,”
“Tell Them That You Will Do It For Them For a Fee.”

This approach works wonders with people who think that they can save a few bucks to do something themselves.

But once they realize how much work or knowledge is involved in doing it right, they will most always prefer to hire an expert to do it for them.

Which brings me to the offer I want to tell you about today titled, “2013 Top Online Directories with Marketing Kit“.

With this offer, you will get the Offline PLR package that will show your prospects how and where to submit their websites online…

This product contains an 80-slide Power Point Presentation (Open Office version also available) that you can give to your offline prospects that will show them why they need to submit their website to Online Link Directories, and it will show them the Top 15 Directories where they will want to get their websites listed.

Based on my personal experience with this approach, these materials will help you close more local business owners on your local marketing services, by teaching them how to do themselves what you are willing to do for them for a fee. :)

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Bill Platt