Easy No Cost Lead Generation for High Paying Offline Clients

Dr. Bruno has a proven track-record of turning around companies and exploding sales growth for a number of companies in a diverse group of industries, over a lifetime of experience.

These days, he sells offline marketing services to local clients.

And, in this 70-page PDF, he teaches us how to replicate what he has done.

This is for anyone who is engaged in sales of any sort, including those of us who might be involved in direct sales, telemarketing, MLM or selling Offline Marketing services.

This report dispels many myths in relationship to sales, and it also shows us how many of the sales techniques that we have been taught before continue to be roadblocks to our success.

If before now you have felt uncomfortable with sales, this report will help you overcome your fear, because it rightfully points out why we might feel uncomfortable doing sales the way that we have been taught, and how to do sales in a way that is no longer uncomfortable.

I have always told my readers that sales is not convincing people to buy something that they may not want or need, but rather it is a process of helping people make a good decision about the things they want to buy. This document supports the sales principles that I teach to others.

Demonstrated in this product are seven proven strategies to help us generate the no-cost and low-cost leads that we will eventually turn into closed sales.

I was previously familiar with some of the strategies and methods described. But many of them were brand new to me, and at least two of them left me really excited for my future selling offline marketing services.

I strongly recommend this product for anyone involved in direct selling, telemarketing, MLM or selling marketing services online and offline.

This product is an absolute steal at any price!! Get it today…

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Bill Platt