Over 118 #1 Rankings In Just 7 Simple Steps! Get Unlimited Free Traffic from Google!

I bought this product to see if there was anything new to learn about SEO in the main product. I learned one new thing about SEO that I will be using going forward to strengthen what I already do.

I agree with everything, except for some of the wording in Step #6, in the front-end SEO product that is available now HERE for only $10.

The front-end offer gives you a step-by-step plan that you can follow to rank new sites and old sites on page one of Google — in the post-Penguin and Post-Panda universe.

I had to tell you about the front-end product, because you will definitely want to get the back-end offer to help you in your business selling marketing services to local business owners.

The back-end offer is presenting in just 10-pages in a PDF document, but the value it contains for the offline marketing services company is outstanding.

You will want to pay special close attention to pages 6-10, where they lay out for you the exact mail copy you will use for lead generation and how to use your introductory services to ensure that more people purchase your higher-dollar up-sells.

In the lead generation mail (or email), the only change I would make is not suggesting that I am an “unproven talent“. I honestly don’t see how that could be advantageous to you in the sales process.

One person who had purchased this “offline lead generation system” and implemented it in his business was able to generate $129,000 in new sales in just 90 days.

Do I recommend the $17 up-sell product to you? Absolutely!!

Would I still recommend the front-end product to you if you could get the up-sell without the front-end offer? If you were interested in selling SEO services or using SEO for your own websites, then I would still recommend this product.

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Bill Platt